Friday, February 17, 2012

While You're Waiting: Invest in Your Community

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*Recently I was thinking about all I would want my daughters to know before they get married.  Instead of wishing the days away until they walk down the aisle, how would I encourage them to live?  Living in the joy of who God created.  The practicalities and the dreaming.  What would I want to encourage... While they're waiting?  These are some of those thoughts.

You are surrounded by an awesome community.  There's your neighbors, the school down the street, your church, and your city.  There are so many opportunities for you to jump in and be a part.  You have so many gifts to offer and your community is just waiting for you to participate.

As I look at you, I know that God has given you gifts to bless others.  I see in you a multitude of blessings, character, and ideas.  But this isn't just for you.  All these gifts are yours so that you may be the hands and feet of Jesus in other people's lives.  So be encouraged.  Invest in your community!

Here are just a few ideas to consider:

*Do you like working with kids?  What about volunteering at a local school?  Work in the library, work the after school program, or volunteer to help with a special class once a week. 

*Is there a community group you can be a part of?  How do your neighbors interact?  Volunteer to start a community watch, organize a block party, or offer to do odd jobs.

*Do you have a passion for healthy lifestyle?  There are plenty of opportunities working with organizations who educate on nutrition and exercise.  Whether you enjoy working with children, families, or the elderly, you can put that passion to great use.

*Books get you excited?  What about volunteering at the public library?  What a great way to get into the community and enter into conversation.

*Is there a place in your heart for the sick?  Volunteer at the hospital.  So many families walk in and out of there every day waiting for their loved ones to recover.  You can be a tender heart of understanding and listening.

*Volunteer for an organization like the YMCA or Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  There are thousands of youth out there waiting for a mentor to look up to.  You may not be perfect, but the life experience you've had and the Lord you know is enough to speak into theses children's lives.

Whatever you choose to do, get involved.  There of thousands of people waiting for what you have to offer.  Pray and seek guidance, rely on the Lord's strength, and look for others to serve.  And know that I support you wherever the Lord leads you!

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