Tuesday, February 28, 2012

God Gave Us Love {Review}

Earlier this month, I was given the chance to review this delightful little book by Lisa Tawn Bergren.  We own Bergren's God gave us you, so I was excited to review this one as well.  

The story follows as one day Grampa and Little Bear's fishing trip is interrupted by some playful otters.  Grumbling, Little Bear tries to chase the otters away before they scare off all the fish.  Grampa goes on to show Little Bear how we were created to love.  By loving others, we show God to the world.  Grampa tells Little Bear about the different types of love in the world: love between a Mommy and a Daddy, sibling love, even love between friends.  Little Bear continues questioning: "Grampa, can we ever do something to make God not love us?"  Grampa helps Little Bear see that God showed the ultimate form of love by sending Christ to earth.

This book, although small, is richly packed.  Little Bear's journey is one of learning to love even when we don't necessarily feel like it.  Because we were created in the image of God and filled with His love.  The age recommendation is 0-3 years.  And while it's a great format to begin introducing these concepts, it would be better enjoyed by a more mature 4 year old.  Although the content is very mature, it's important that we continue to challenge our children's concepts of the world and our place in it.  In which case, this book would make a wonderful gift for any parent that is willing to explore these ideas with their child.

*Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title from Blogging for books.  All opinions are my own. 

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