Thursday, November 11, 2010

We interrupt our scheduled programming...

...for a short family update...

I promised pictures last week, but alas, I never got them loaded on the computer.  We had a couple of busy weeks there with school, Halloween, my birthday, and company.  It was full, but provided us with lots of memories and even more pictures of two adorable kids.

Our finished pumpkins--
Carved and ready
Silly for silly Lydia &
Grouchy for grouchy Noah

Playing at the YMCA Party with friends--
Lydia is the monkey

Going to the Taste of Home Cooking Show
With my Mom and Grandma
The night before my birthday

Me, Lydia, Grandma, and Noah
My birthday!

Mom and I at dinner on my birthday

Lydia making "Chicken Soup"
at the Halloween Carnival

Noah making his own "Chicken Soup"
at the Halloween Carnival

I had Batman and a Monkey
at my house on Halloween

Cuter rather than scary!

I'll give them some candy!

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everything said...

Awww, they are so adorable! Love their outfits! Nothing is best than celebrating a birthday with such beautiful children. You are a scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are blessed!

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