Thursday, November 4, 2010

Twelve Weeks of Christmas: Ribbon Necklace Set

This project is so simple; you'll be amazed.  I saw this on another site, but unfortunately I can't find the bookmark so I'm going to do my best to explain it to you here.

You'll need:
Grosgrain ribbon
Needle and thread
Approx 30 Pearls

Measure a piece of ribbon to approx 42 inches long.  From one end, measure 16 inches and tie a knot.  Thread your needle and fasten on the ribbon near the knot.  Fold the ribbon in two and sew the first pearl to the necklace.  Keeping the ribbon doubled, sew through to the other side and add a second pearl.  Continue adding pearls from one side of the ribbon to the other.

I had varying sizes of pearls and I didn't like the way they looked next to each other.  So I tied a knot between each size.  I had three sizes so my pattern was 5 small, knot, 5 medium, knot, 10 large, knot, 5 medium, knot, 5 small, with knots on both ends.

The bracelet is the same with a smaller length of ribbon.  I avoided the larger pearls on the bracelet as they were too bulky for my wrist.

Simply tie around you neck and enjoy!

How is your Christmas crafting coming?

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Stef said...

Beautiful!! I must try one of these...Someday ;)

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