Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

As many of you know, we took a beach trip the second weekend of the month.  This was the second year that we've taken a summer beach trip and the kids love it.  Truth be told... so do I!  Here's what we learned this year:

Beach Trip Lesson #1--Your two year old that has been doing awesome potty training will suddenly revert when you pack primarily big girl pants.

Beach Trip Lesson #2-- Sand WILL be EVERYWHERE!

Beach Trip Lesson #3-- Don't just put sunscreen on your nose.  There are other parts of your body that can, and will, BURN!

Beach Trip Lesson #4--  Some loads of laundry will have to go through the laundry twice.

Beach Trip Lesson #5--Watching your 4 year old play on the beach will be like a re-enactment of Lord of the Flies.

Beach Trip Lesson #6-- If you go on vacation with the right attitude, you can actually wear your kids out before they wear you out.

Beach Trip Lesson #7-- There's nothing so entertaining as throwing baby jellyfish back into the ocean.

Beach Trip Lesson #8-- Packing food from home is awesome!  Love beach foods like soup and chili and  juice boxes...

Beach Trip Lesson #9-- Flying kites is soooo much fun.

Beach Trip Lesson #10-- Beach, wave chasing, pool= relaxing and exhaustion.  Your drive home will be very peaceful.

Lydia loves having her feet buried in the sand.

Noah flying his Spiderman kite.

Lydia flying her Elmo kite.

There goes the Spiderman kite.

Noah trying to save Lydia from the waves.
What a great big brother!

Picture with Grandma

I love this photo.
Running from the waves.

I love the beach too.

Flying new kites

We love it!
Can't wait to go back.


Amy said...

Oh what a fun time for sure.. Love the waves picture also.. Have a great day..

Kristin said...

Absolutely great pics andit makes me miss the beach.

Sandra said...

Beach vacations are the best. Those trips are always the ones our kids talk about and everyone wants to return year after year. Did you get a souviner spoon?

Amy said...

Thanks for your kind words yesterday.. That meant a lot to me..

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Yay for time at the beach....loved reading about the lessons learned. LOL

I miss the beach!


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