Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST (6x14)--Let's Recap

*Disclaimer: if you've not watched the episode from 5/4, discontinue reading.

--Ben mentioned that the temple was the last safe haven on the Island in Season 3. What does this mean for our LOSTIES that are left?

--Jack calls Locke "a candidate." Now Jack is referring to a surgery candidate, but it rings true of Jacob's candidates. Locke turns the surgery down. Is that what he would have done if confronted with Jacob?

--Widmore says that Kate isn't on the list so she's dispensible to him. Sawyer tells Kate that her name was crossed out on the cave wall. Does anyone remember seeing Kate's name? I don't remember it even being there.

--We have all kinds of LOSTIES running around in the sideways moments of this episode: Bernard, Locke, Jack, Claire, reference to Rose...

--The power goes down at the cages and Smokie shows up to kill the guards. Jack shows up to unlock the cages. Kate asks "What are you doing here?" to which Jack responds "I'm with him." Evantually all our LOSTIES are reunited and agree to work together, including Jack. Still Jack insists he's not leaving and Sawyer asks for his help in keeping Smokie from leaving the Island as well. What is the significance of Jack being "with him?" Is it like a two sides of the same coin kind of thing that Jacob and Smokie had?

--Jack confronts Smokie and says that Locke told him to stay on the Island. Katie gets shot and Jack has to carry her, this putting him on the sub. Smokie and Claire are still on the docks. They have to leave Claire to get away from Smokie. Smokie tells Claire that she doesn't want to be on that sub. Smokie place a bomb in Jack's pack. Now our LOSTIEs are diving in a sub with dynamite.

--Jack tries to convince the others that Smokie can't kill them. He needs them to kill each other. Turns out he's wrong. Or is he? Perhaps Smokie is only be stopped from killing "Candidates." Sayid takes the bomb and runs, thus sealing his fate. He tells Jack where to meet up with Locke. And tells Jacks "because it's going to be you (the candidate)." What does Sayid know? Does this revelation have something to do with the fact that Sayid has escaped his trans?

--Sun becomes trapped in the aftermath of the explosion. After Sawyer is knocked out, Jack is forced to leave Jin and Sun. You can tell by the look on all their faces that this is the end for Jin and Sun. Jin tells her that he won't leave her. "I'll never leave you again." Is this somehow our mysterious "Adam and Eve?" What a lovely redemption of their marriage. What a tragic loss of a Candidate. And I have to wonder what will happen to their daughter. Surely she won't be left to be raised by Sun's father.

--Jack confronts Locke in the hospital. We learn that Locke and his father were in an airplane accident which Locke caused. He blames himself to which Jack says "Your father is gone." Jack tries to convince Locke to stop punishing himself: "I can help you John. I wish you believed in me."

--Jack and Sawyer wash up on shore with Kate and Hurley. When they realize Jin and Sun didn't make it, we see Hurley cry. This is the first time I think I've seen Hurley cry. Jack breaks down as well.

--We flash back to Smokie and Claire on the docks. Smokie knows the sub sunk, but also that not everyone is dead. He says he's going to finish what he started. It would appear that Smokie's determination is to kill all the LOSTIES. I would say that at this point, he doesn't need them to leave the Island, but rather needs them all to die in order for him to leave the Island.

--Is there truly any significance to the music box that Christian left Claire? Or is it simply something to keep us guessing and get Jack and Claire closer together?

--Where are Richard, Ben, and Miles? What will happen when Jack realizes that such significant people where all on the same flight together? Where is Frank?

--Next week looks very light/dark, MIB/ Jacob centered. I can't believe how close we're coming to the end. Anyone planning a finale party???

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