Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Living: Part Seven

Simple Living... I continue to mull over this idea in my head. What in life really matters? What is Simple Living?

This point was illustrated perfectly in our home tonight.

We had planned on having company over this evening. The plan was to have potluck dinner with our family, our housemate, and two other couples. However, mid-afternoon, our housemate called from work saying that he was miserably sick and his coworkers weren't feeling too well either. After having spent several days at home and not planning to make a complete dinner last minute, I was at a loss for how to feel my family. What do you do when it's 4 pm, the kids are nearing the end of their naps, and you don't have a plan?

We made dinner real simple and easy... spaghetti, quick sauteed zucchini, and cheesy bread. It was so kid-friendly, relatively healthy, and amazingly simple. It took no time to put together and our family enjoyed it together. Dinner was all ready when Daddy got home with the bread and we quickly threw it into the oven.

While I was making dinner, Big Boy was coloring a menu for Daddy so he would know what we were having for dinner. He'd ask me what I was cooking, color his version, and pretend to write the words next to it. It was a quick activity for us to talk about nutrition and for Big Boy to practice his literary "skills." Great developmental activity.

Dinner was just relaxing. Simple, quick. It just reminded me that although I love experimenting in the kitchen, although I love trying new flavors, when times short, it doesn't take much to bless my family. Just some quick thinking and a willingness to roll with the punches.

What are you doing to pursue Simple Living in your life?


Stephanie said...

I often find that it isn't the fancy meals I make that my family loves, it's the old, simple standby's that go over the best. They just love their favorites, no matter how simple. Plus, it seems to make much more of a difference how our attitude is and the atmosphere of our home and table, than what we're serving, doesn't it? Glad you had a wonderful night with your family!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home

Anonymous said...

The best part of your simple meal was that it was stress free once you had secured the "plan" and your family was blessed by a calm wife and mother. Friday night doen't get much simpler than family night on Fridays!

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