Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday-- A list

Do you ever have those days were you're list seems unending? I actually can't even post photos of my tackle it 'cause it's just those little tasks that all seem to add up and snowball into one another. You know what I mean. The things that don't seem to get done between changing diapers, nursing, and chasing a two year old. I almost forgot that I needed to do a couple of these things. But here are the main ones that I'm trying to tackle today:

1. GET GROCERIES-- what have we been eating? The green stuff that grows in the back of the fridge? I swear there's not much more in this house in the way of "food" other than that and a bottle of ketchup.
2. WORKOUT-- oh, yeah! I'm supposed to be doing that. And dieting too. Seem to have forgotten that between the Easter candy and the bag of chocolates I got on rebate at Rite-Aid.
3. Have son's pictures taken-- I've been putting that one off since the disaster I had with him last time refusing to have his photo taken with his sister.
4. Take the kids on a nature walk-- now if I could just figure out a place around here away from the distracting slide and the main road that we live next to.

Wish me luck. Want to see what other people are tackling today? Check out www.5minutesformom.com

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Anonymous said...

I know those everyday backed up things very well... I too have to take my three to get their photos taken. My boy turns 2 tomorrow and my little girl turns 3 months tomorrow also, my older daughter is 3. I completely understand, good luck.

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Hopefully we'll see you next week.

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