Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Activity Wednesday

Simple but fun activity for you and your preschooler.  Maybe even younger, depending on the maturity of your child.

Rain Stick

Empty wrapping paper tube
Masking tape
Tack or nail
Dried peas or beans
Decorating material: buttons, markers, crayons

1. For an adult only: poke holes in the empty tube with a tack or a nail.  Go all the way through the tube, but not through to the other side.  Be very careful.  You will need a lot of holes.  The more holes you make the better the sound will be.  
2. Tape a piece of paper onto one end of the tube with the masking tape.  Make sure it's adhered thoroughly.
3. Pour 1/3-1/2 cup of dried peas of beans into the tube.  Cover the other end of the tube with paper and masking tape.
4. Allow your child to decorate the tube as they desire using crayons, markers, buttons, glitter, etc.
5. Use this instrument to work on rhythm patterns with your child.  It can be used to develop a recognition of patterns as well as various activities in hand coordination.

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