Monday, December 31, 2018

January Homeschool Ideas and Fun Days

Looking for ways to add some fun to your homeschool?  Here are just a few of the holidays and fun days you can celebrate this month:

January 1st--New Year's Day

Help your kids set goals for the new year with any of these goal charts:

Setting several overall goals
Specific steps for reaching 3 big goals
Goal setting punch card
Self Evaluation and Goal Setting tracker

January 5th--National Bird Day

Learn more about the birds in your area and add some bird watching to your nature study.

Resources for a Bird Themed Unit Study
Homemade Bird Feeders
Bird Nest Cookies
US State Birds Art Pack

January 7th--Old Rock Day

Find a flat rock, paint it with some inspirational artwork, and hide it for someone to find.

January 15th--National Hat Day

Craft a Hat for Poetry Tea Time
Complete a Hat Words Word Search
Research hats in a given time period

January 20th--Penguin Awareness Day

Read Mr. Popper's Penguins.
Complete a Unit Study with the book.
Do a Penguin Craft.
Roll and Draw a Penguin.

January 21st--Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Help your children write down their dreams.
Read Who was Martin Luther King Jr.
Break open a white and brown egg to show they are the same on the inside.

January 23rd--National Handwriting Day

Brush up o your cursive.
Learn a new bullet journal font.
Practice some calligraphy.

January 31st--Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Study an artist in a given time period.
Take a pastel chalk art lesson
Create fingerprint art.
Practice with Art for Kids Hub on Youtube.

How are you celebrating in January?

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