Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekend Links

This Week:

What I'm Cooking:
We've had an unusual week.  Hot to cold and rainy... so we've had a varied diet.  Last weekend, we made orzo salad with tomatoes, spinach, olives, peppers, and feta.  It was yummy, and a nice light dinner after swimming in a friend's pool.

What I'm Loving:
Summer rain... it's been a cool rain here for the last couple of days.  We've been spending more time outside despite the rain and it's been a nice refreshing reprieve before the heat hits again.

What I'm Reading:
I'm reading a Charlotte Mason book on habits.  There's a lot there to think through so I've been taking it slowly.  Same with the bookmark book for June (Sacred Parenting).  Slow and steady... good, but deep.

What I'm Doing:
We've been filling our days with visiting friends and reading lots of good books.  Just this week, I spent time with a Mommy friend while the kids played and then we went to the Children's Museum for a playdate.

What I'm Watching:
We've been watching tons of Friends episodes.  Gotta love Netflix!  :-)

What I'm Enjoying:
Summer rain... swimming... baseball friends... board games... story time at the library... 

What are you up to?

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