Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 Christmas Advent List

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*Photo from Christmas 2011

It's time for our 2016 Christmas Advent List!  In keeping with tradition, I'm posting 25 days of memory making ideas with my family.  As our countdown to Christmas, we're planning activities to spend time together outside of the usual school and work.  As we're still finalizing holidays plans, these are the activities I have planned so far.

Dec 1st--Attend Christmas Play
Dec 2nd--Go to Christmas Tree Lighting/caroling?
Dec 3rd--Go to Christmas Parade
Dec 4th--Make pinecone fairies
Dec 5th--Grow Christmas trees
Dec 6th--Make popsicle mangers
Dec 7th--Go look at Christmas lights
Dec 8th--Wear Christmas socks
Dec 9th--Watch a Christmas movie/ Elf?
Dec 10th--Attend Teddy Bear Festival
Dec 11th--Lydia's Birthday Party
Dec 12th--Do some candy cane experiments
Dec 13th--Make Frozen Themed Nutty Buddies
Dec 14th--???
Dec 15th--Try a new cookie recipe
Dec 16th--Watch a Christmas movie/Frosty the Snowman/ Go sledding
Dec 17th--Lydia's Dance Performance
Dec 18th--Build Gingerbread Houses
Dec 19th--Shop for exchange gifts
Dec 20th--Bake Molasses cookies
Dec 21st--Make Edible Playdough
Dec 22nd--Package Gifts in a Jar
Dec 23rd--Watch a Christmas movie/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Dec 24th--Play board games
Dec 25th--Monkey Bread Breakfast

What's on your Advent Bucket List?

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