Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our 2016 Summer Bucket List

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Summer's coming and we're making out our bucket list.  Gonna take a few minutes to breathe and then jump into the fun.  

What's on your summer bucket list?

Make homemade lemonade
Make wooden hanger necklace holder
Stay up and star gaze
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Have a water fight
Play with water balloons
Make homemade ice cream
Go on a family bike ride
Go to the lake
Get snow cones
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Have root beer floats
Go to Lake Tahoe
Build your own pizza night
Plant some strawberries
Create an obstacle course
Feed the ducks
Roast marshmallows
Create geodes
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Make smores
Use the slip n slide
Scrapbook school photos
Make wind spirals
Take trampoline lessons
Learn 5 new hairstyles
Make fairy houses
Pick blackberries
Visit Grandma's
Make a Buckeye for Daddy
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Take swim lessons
Go to a dollar movie
Host a Desert Potluck
Check out the Farmer's Market
Read for the library challenge
 photo 232eeabd-e421-48fe-bf48-7a4275990437_zpstcu7msbn.jpg
Try some new salad recipes
Make campfire cones
Go to VBS
Read for B&N challenge
Play croquet
Make sponge bombs
Create ice cream pops
Bake cookies
Keep a summer journal
Take summer dance classes

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