Monday, March 3, 2014

Disneyland Bucket List

We all have a Bucket List, right?  Things you want to do before you die.  But do you have a Disneyland Bucket List?  These are just a few of our favorites and a few others we have yet to try. (*Denotes those we've accomplished)

Main Street--
Eat potato cheese soup at the Carnation Cafe
*Pick up a yummy treat at the bakery
*Have breakfast with Minnie and friends at Plaza Inn
*Have your silhouette cut

*Walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle
*Use the Queen of Hearts bathroom
*See the Abdominal snowman
*Ride the Small World at Christmas time
*Spin in the tea cups
*Try on hats at the Mad Hatter shop
*Pull the sword from the stone

*Eat a Dole Whip
*Eat at the Bengal Barbecue

New Orleans Square--
Try a mint julep
*Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean
Pick up a Christmas ornament

Critter Country--
*Ride Splash Mountain in the dark
Try a tigger tail
Eat a Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Drive the Mark Twain
*Have dinner at Big Thunder Ranch
*Spot Woody and Jessie

*Meet Mickey Mouse
*Ride Gadgets Go-Coaster

*Laugh your way through Star Wars
*Kill some aliens with Buzz
Check out the World of the Future

Misc Disneyland--
Run Tinkerbell's Half Marathon
*Ride all the mountains in one day
*Wear a Birthday button

California Adventure
Have a giant sugar cookie dipped in chocolate
*Eat a dinner at The Golden Vine Winery

*Ride in the front row of Soarin over California
*Talk to Crush the Turtle
*Stop by Disney's Animation Studio
*Be entertained by the Bug's Life show
*Soar with Aladdin and Jasmine

What's on your Disneyland Bucket List?

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