Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Savoring: Building Strong Family Relationships (Part Two)

Savoring Family Relationships

When I look at my children, I marvel at what a precious gift I've been given.  Inside these tiny little bodies are two wonderful humans growing and learning.  And out of all the mothers in the world God gave them to me.  What an amazing gift!

And when I think of all the gifts that I want to give them, a tight close knit family is high on the list.

 Cousins at the Family Reunion

*Prayer--Everything starts in relation to God.  And Strong Family Relationships are no exception.  Prayers for understanding, close relationships, and soft hearts are all foundational for these relationships.  

*Phone--Cell phone and long distance plans are becoming more and more affordable.  A few years ago, we ditched the long distance for 99 cent phone cards.  And if you have the equipment, skype is a great option as well.  Grandma loves hearing about the kids day, their new friends, or just the bug they saw on the porch.  We call... A LOT!

*Letters--Or email.  Or postcards.  Or mailing the kid's artwork.  Never underestimate the power of the written word.  There's something deeply personal about writing a letter and sharing your life.

*Facebook--One of my cousins joked yesterday that it should be named after our family since there are so many of us on there.  With pictures, videos, and pieces of our day, several cousins and I use it as a way to keep in touch despite the distance.

*Pictures--Lots and lots of pictures!  We take lots of pictures.  Between facebook, blogging, and walgreens, the grandparents get to see many small and great moments.  Even the little sleeping angels.

*Videos--I love videos.  The day Noah learned to ride a bike, I found a video sharing sight.  I had to share it with my mom.  First steps, first words... share them on Youtube, your blog or through email.  

*Remembering special days--There's nothing like getting a card on your birthday.  Or anniversary.  Or just because it's Monday.  So think of how your grandma will feel when you remember her on grandparents' day.  Or what it will teach your kids when they call their cousin on her birthday.

*Shared journal--A shared journal is a mailed back and forth between 2-4 people, sharing thoughts, artwork, and memories.  You can build one with a cousin, a parent, or an in-law.  Fill it with deep thoughts and be brave.  Maybe even start one with your child.  

*Sharing pieces of yourself--What do you find enjoyable that your family might not know about?  A regional magazine, home canned applesauce, your favorite gourmet item from the grocery store... What part of you and your family can you share with those far away?

*Visits--And there's no replacement for being together.  Being face to face with family is invaluable.  And although traveling 3-6 hours isn't easy, we try to be with family at least every couple of months.  The lessons that are passed from generation to generation priceless and there's nothing like seeing my kids run into their grandparent's arms.

How are you creating strong family relationships?

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Amy said...

we talk on the phone and skype. that is the best. Then we can see Nana and it is great.. Thanks for linking this up..

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