Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who I Am: In Flowers

What would our lives be like without flowers?

There's a certain joy to life that springs forth when we behold something beautiful.
And to a gardener's soul there's an irresistible beauty to flowers.

Rich in color and meaning,
flowers convey a mood to even the most casual observer.

If you were a flower, which one would best show your personality?

Casablanca Lilies

These are my favorite flowers.  Without a doubt.  They're just pop!  Casablanca Lilies mean Celebration!  While I'm not there yet, I love the reminder to Celebrate each day.


Sweetpeas mean Shyness.  I'm pretty quiet.  A little too quiet most of the time.


Wisteria means faithfulness.  I'm a very faithful friend.  Loyalty holds a high value in my life and I don't often turn away from friendships.

Orchids mean delicate beauty.  It's my desire to teach my daughter that beauty is more than skin deep.  True beauty comes from a following Christ.

For more information about flowers and their meanings,
check out these links:

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