Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday Muddle

Hey Everyone,
Welcome to Monday!  Another week and we hit the ground running.

Seems like we had a full weekend and it went way too fast.  Friday afternoon we welcomed a friend's kids over to spend the evening.  Perfect timing for Family Movie Night.  A huge bowl of popcorn and an old Disney movie later, and our evening was a colossal success.

The weekend was fun: a birthday party, church, a going away party.  It was a weekend full of community and laughter.  We all had a good time.

I think the best laugh I had this week though was the picture of Lydia above.  She got into her dress up stuff and told me we had to go kill the witch.  We had to kill the witch and save the prince.  What a liberated woman!  :-)  Afterwards, she was fiddling with her purse and I asked what she was doing. "Putting my sword in my purse," she answered.  Liberated, but still a lady.

Our Menu this week:

Apple Oatmeal
Yogurt and fruit
Zucchini Chocolate chip muffins
Gingerbread Waffles

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Lentil Nachos
Fruits and Veggies
Green Salads

All served with green salad and veggies

Monday: Taco Soup
Tuesday: Parmesean Encrusted Tilapia
Thursday: Stuffed Bell Peppers
Friday: Homemade Vegetarian Pizza
Saturday: Taco Salad

Homemade hummus and crackers
Pumpkin bread
Fruits and dip

Projects I'm working on this week:
Homemade pinata
Scrapbook April and May
Brainstorming organization ideas
Finish two books

Posts coming up this week:
Balloon wreath
Godly friends/Godly kids
Writer's Workshop
and more

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