Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Summer Photo Challenge: Summer Bag

What's in your Summer Bag?  Where are you going?

I'm cheating a little bit this week.  My hard drive has hit it's maximum limit and just won't take another photo.  So while I did take a new photo this week, I can't show it to you.  Sorry!  This is last year's.  But let me tell you what we've got going on...

Bags are my life, especially in the summer.  We live out of bags.  The black bag on the left is my cruise bag.  I love it.  I love the black and the handles are braided rope.  So much fun.  That's been my extra gym bag 'cause it's so roomy.  Towels, gym clothes, hair brush, and running shoes... week three of couch to 5k so those running shoes are coming with me.

The middle bag is another favorite.  And the only way I can keep it white is to use if for a very specific purpose.  So it's become our library bag.  And believe me, it's packed.  Last time I checked, we have 25 items checked out from the library.  I always prep the kids and tell them they can check out 3 books and 1 video.  But somehow they end up sneaking in extra books or I pick up some audio books.  It quickly adds up.  

And finally the bag on the right is our pool bag.  Swimsuits, diving sticks, sunscreen, ... all of it.  I just keep it hanging in the garage and it's easy to grab on our way out the door.  Plus it's mesh so it's perfect for anything that gets spilled or wet.  Love it!

So what's in your summer bag?  

Did you take pictures this week?  Join us as we chronicle our lives this summer and document what makes each of us special.  Link up to a specific post below and don't forget to invite others to join us.  The more of us that get involved, the more fun!

Next week's challenge: Photograph that Summer Sky!

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