Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Summer Photo Challenge: Your Summer Treats

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor or Summer Drink?

I have a love for all things tart and tangy in the summer.  Lemonade.. bring it on!  Squirt... gotta love it!  And this one... Lime Raspberry Cooler... devine!  They're so simple to make, but fancy enough to feel like a treat.  Here's how we came up with this one:

*Mix one can of limeade concentrate with 3 cans diet Sierra Mist.  Adjust if too strong.
*Add one bag of frozen raspberries.
*Blend together.
*Serve over ice.

They are so yummy.  I almost drank the pitcher by myself!

So that's what we're doing at our house.  Are you ready to Tell us your favorite ice cream flavor or summer drink?  Did you take pictures this week?  Join us as we chronicle our lives this summer and document what makes each of us special.  Link up to a specific post below and don't forget to invite others to join us.  The more of us that get involved, the more fun!

Next week's challenge: What's on your Front Door?

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Amy said...

that is a yummy drink.. I am catching up.. So I have a few..

Amy said...

I did not see a link up so here is my link

Country Girl said...

I am REALLY behind on the challenge, but I will keep plugging along. :)

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