Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Challenge #19

Today's Topic: Summer Reading

We love to read in this house.  Between the kids and I, our library check outs can easily top 20 books at a time.  Dave and I often comment that we hope this habit keeps up into adulthood.

Since we spend so much time reading anyways, I signed both of the kids up for the library reading program this summer.  Noah's reading all by himself 20 minutes a day and I'm reading to Lydia for hers. The kids fill up one bookmark and win prizes every week.  The library also has a summer program with singers, dancers, puppets, and animals over the course of about 8 weeks.  The first week we went, the Latin dancers were incredible.  I wish I had taken my camera.

As a family we've been reading, the Little House series and we're currently on These Happy Golden Years.  Even though it's over their heads, the kids love it.  And it's brought up some fun conversations as well.  Like why they had to make their own food or mend torn socks.

I just finished Siblings without Rivalry.  Can you tell what's been going on at our house?  Not my favorite book on the subject, but I think my kids were just a little too small to implement most of the suggestions.
And of course, I just posted my review of Praying for your Future Husband.  Good reading for high school/college age.  Love that it had application questions as well.

For more books, we've been reading lately, check out our 2011 Book List.

So what have you been reading?  Do you have any suggestions for us as we finish the Little House series?  What's the next series we should start?

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Jen said...

I LOVE checking out books from the library! i find that when I know I have a due date I read the books faster! When I buy books I don't feel that urgency to read them and it takes me sometimes MONTHS to finish one book!! I too LOVE to read!!

Anonymous said...

That's really awesome the programs you've got your kids enrolled in wow! I miss the library as it used to be without all the cafes and such. And of course one where the books are in a language I can read lol

Amy said...

great books to read.. Yeah.. I love to read when I can..

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