Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Summer Photo Challenge: Your Favorite Summer Accessory

What's your Favorite Summer Accessory?

Where we live, flip-flops are practically uniform. Not just in the summer, but nearly year round. However, with the wet winter we've had, the flip-flops have been hidden away for months. In fact till this week, you'd have been more likely to see me in my fuzzy slippers.

Still the comfort and convenience make them my favorite summer accessory.  These are just a few pairs I have.  I laugh because I really do need a new pair.  They wear out quickly when you're wearing them all the time.  But then again, I refuse to get rid of the old ones because they're broke in.  The black ones have butterflies, the tan ones have a heel, ... I have a custom pair my husband bought me in India and I still have my white ones from our wedding 10 years ago (although they aren't white anymore).

So what about you? What's your favorite summer accessory? Join us as we chronicle our lives this summer and document what makes each of us special. Link up below and don't forget to invite others to join us. The more of us that get involved, the more fun!

Next week's challenge:  Show us your Garden!
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Our Banana Moments said...

I love my flip flops or slippas as they call them here in Hawaii. I like have lots of different colors!


Amy said...

I love my flip flops also..

Stacey said...

Sandals and tank tops are my favorites to wear non-stop throughout the summer. =]

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