Thursday, June 9, 2011

Favorite Bedtime Stories

Today at Smockity Frocks, we're discussing our favorite naptime/bedtime books and stories.  My kids love to read.  Right now, we have over 20 books out from the library, plus a bookcase full in their room. There are books on the dinning table, books in the hallway, and probably a couple that I'll have to toss on the floor as I climb into bed tonight.

I'm so blessed to have book lovers.  It's a joy to see them learning new things and going on adventures in their imagination.  It's my personal belief that a love of reading will open a vast number of doors for them in the future.  So my husband and I keep exposing them to good books and pray that God will continue to grow a love for reading in their lives.

As for some of our personal favorites, here are just a few:

Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder--Who doesn't love this series?  We started reading through them and although a lot is over my little ones heads, they are picking up more than I realize.  Plus it's introducing new concepts that we might not otherwise explore.  Just when I think of stopping, they ask when we're getting the next one from the library.

Magic Treehouse Series  by Mary Pope Osbourne--They're fun, imaginative and light.  We've only read the first couple, but the main characters discover a magic treehouse that takes them to places that they could only dream of.  Really engaging for my 5 year old who is all about action.

God gave us you by Lisa Tawn Bergren--Little Bear learns about how God gave her to her family.  Great book to snuggle with my kids and remind them that they are a special gift from God to our family.

Berenstain Bears (Living Lights Series) by Jan and Mike Berenstain--I bought a collection of these for the kids at Christmas time.  We have one on facing bullies, being a neighbor, working for the Lord, being a friend, etc.  They incorporate Scripture, have a good story and my kids really relate to them.

My First Message: A Devotional Bible for Kids-- Accurate and full of application questions.  My kids ask to read this one every night.

What do you love reading with your children?

*Disclaimer: These are NOT affiliate links.  Just books we love!

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