Sunday, March 13, 2011

Made by Me Monday

Hey gang,
How was your weekend?  Rainy or sunny?  Did you spend the weekend in the yard or at the craft table?  Or maybe celebrating a birthday?

We ran down to my sister in law's for part of the weekend.  It was my mother in law's birthday so we went down to have dinner with the family.  We've been used to this cold stormy weather, but this weekend turned out gorgeous.  It was sunny and warm.  Beautiful spring weather.

While we were there, we also spent some time looking for a new van.  Our little CRV has been good to us, but it was getting a little small for our family.  So we did lots of looking.  You wouldn't believe some of the lemons we tried out this week.  We literally started one and instantly heard the rattle and smelled the smoke.  It was bad.

But we did find something.  It was the end of the day so we were a little late for dinner, but we got it done. Ended up being a pretty productive weekend.

Earlier in the week, I worked on some new hair "pretties."  I can't wait to share them with you later this week.  My daughter's been dying to get her hand on one.

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