Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Spy Book

If there's one thing my kids love, it's I Spy books.  Noah's been picking them up since he was three and never seems to tired of looking through them.  Through the years we've collected Waldo, I spy, Disney Princesses, Toy Story, ... you name it... we've probably got the I Spy book in our house.  

So when Valentine's Day hit our house last month, I saw free material for a new book.  If you're looking closely, there's a lot of material in those little cards and they can make a great new I Spy.  Just cut your basic pages, cut and adhere your Valentine pieces, and add the clues.  I also laminated ours, but that's just optional.  However, with the use that we've gotten out of these already, it's been well worth it.

How are you "reinventing" items in your house?

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