Tuesday, March 22, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Forty-One

How are you feeling about dating your spouse lately?  Did you show him how lucky you are to have him last week?  We all love to hear that we're appreciated and I'm sure your spouse felt the same way.  I'd love to hear how you creatively used this topic last week.  Be sure to share your ideas in the comments below.

Are you ready for this week's challenge?

We're going to have a SLUMBER PARTY!

That's right: a slumber party!  I haven't been to one of those since jr. high and remember how much fun they used to be.  The perfect excuse to eat junk food, watch movies, stay up late, and spend time talking in hushed whispers.

Here's the game plan:

*Make sure you send a fun creative invitation to your husband at least the morning before.  Have the fun of a date is the anticipation.

*Stock up on your favorite snacks.  I love salty popcorn, my husband loves Jr. Mints and we'll both eat any candy that involves both chocolate and peanut butter.  And don't forget soda.  (This is NOT a date for dieting)

*Raid the game closet.  Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, and Sequence are all on my list.  I might even raid the kid's closet for a few other: Operation, Hands Down, etc.  But if you haven't started a game closet yet, even a deck of cards can be fun.  Unfortunately we've had to ban Rummy in this house 'cause we're both too competitive.  :-)

*Pick a classic movie you both love or something you've been waiting to see.  Make sure you keep your spouse's taste in mind as well.

*Snuggle under the covers.  The night is up to you.  Snuggle in bed, lay sleeping bags out in the living room, or pitch a tent in the back yard if you live in a warmer climate.

*And what's a slumber party without pancakes the next morning?  Pancakes aren't your thing?  Pick something you can prepare together.

How's your dating life?
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