Monday, October 25, 2010

Giveaway: Real Food on a Real Budget

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Keeper of the Home about doing a giveaway on her great e-book, Real Food on a Real Budget.  I jumped at the chance.  For several reasons.  Stephanie's blog is absolutely one of my favorites, this is a title I've been dying to read, and it's also the type of book that I really want to bring to my reader's attention.

So I dove headlong into reading this book and came out with such encouragement.  Eating real nutritious foods is not impossible.  We've been so trained in our society that potato chips and corn dogs are ok.  And they're not.

Our bodies crave real foods.  The vitamins and nutrition in them cannot be replaced by a one a day pill.  And although I believe that supplements and occasional treats are fine, the day to day norm in our lives has to be these real foods.

That's why this book is so great.  It takes the reader step by step through several options for improving your overall diet.  It's not an all at once type of philosophy.  Rather there's several steps that can incorporated one at a time to lead to a better lifestyle.  Additionally Stephanie provides hints and tips for making this lifestyle change do-able on a budget.  Also included in the book are voices of other women who have made these changes and how they've done it.

I'm so excited about this book that it's reignited my passion for healthy living.  It  speaks in a true to life manner to will encourage you to get out there and start making changes, right where you're at.  It's a must read for any homemaker looking to improve their families diet, with the added bonus of being written from a budget perspective.

I'm happy to be giving away a copy of Real Food on a Real Budget (e-book format) this week.  Wanna know how you can win???

Here's how to enter:

Mandatory actions:

1. Become a public Creative2xmom follower.
2. Go to Keeper of the Home and come back to comment on what you like.

Additional entries:
After completing the above actions, you can earn additional entries in the giveaway by doing any or all of the following:

1. Blog about this giveaway on your blog linking to this post and to Keeper of the Home.

2. Tweet or facebook this giveaway (may do once for each action).

3. Become a follower on Creative2xmom's facebook page.

You have until midnight Oct 29th to enter. Leave me a separate comment for each entry. One winner will be chosen at random and I'll announce the results on Oct 30th (my birthday!).  

As an added surprise, Real Food on a Real Budget is currently on sale.  The e-book copy is selling for $18.97 while the hard copy is selling for $25.97 (including shipping).  This is an exception value for the information you will gain.  A great buy!

Good luck!


Yaya' s Home said...

Alrighty, le'see if I can remember what I'm s'posed to do. I am a new Follower on your blog an' I went to the other blog Keeper of the Home. On there, I looked around an' saw lotsa' stuff I like, but I think the thing I like best is her Homemaking and Organization area; more specifically, her section on How to Be a Good Steward of Your Story.

I am always looking for new an' interestin' ways to preserve our family's adventures, so I am anxious to read alla' those posts. Thanks so much for lettin' me know about her blog.

~ Yaya

hawkeyejlp said...

I like her "Raising Healthy Kids" section. We eat well for the most part but there's always room for improvement.

little_rynn said...

I loved the layout - very well done. I'll have to read more!

Amber D. said...

Thanks for this website it is awesome! I would love to read her book!!! I really like this article on how-to-keep-a-clean-home-its-all-about-prevention.

I'm going to go read some more now. haha

Amber D. said...

Follower on FB and your Blog

penguinlover_23 at yahoo dot com

Amber D. said...

I also subscribed to keeper of the home.

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