Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Be Still and Know

This past weekend, I was blessed to help organize and attend the annual Women's Retreat through my church.  Our theme this year was "Be Still and Know that I am God" taken from Psalm 46:10.  Being still isn't something that I'm very good at.  Multi-tasking and doing 10 things at a time... now that's something that I'm good at!  And knowing... really knowing... in the heart of hearts... knowing to the core... that's a struggle as well.  So in  a lot of ways, this theme seemed to be built with me in mind.

 *Kristen speaking

 *Lounging at the pool

 *Cyndi speaking

 *Michelle speaking

 *spontaneous baptism

*Group shot

We had three fantastic women speak from our church.  I love being able to see everyday women use their gifts and their stories for God's glory.  We all have a story and we can chose to use it or keep it a secret.  And personally, I love seeing women give glory to God through their stories.

Food was fantastic, friends had time to talk, and memories and laughter abounded.  I had one gal tell me on Sunday, that she was already looking forward to next year.  In a way so am I.  But for right now, I'm really looking forward to the aftershocks of this retreat.  Where will these women go in light of how they've been challenged this weekend?  As one woman put it, "Are we doing this (following Jesus) or not?"  Guess I could turn it around on all of us... Are we doing this or not?

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