Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surviving Early Pregnancy

I have two beautiful healthy little miracles.  I love being a mom.  I love getting up each morning (ok, maybe love is a strong word) and being excited to see what new things we can learn together throughout the day.  Each day is an adventure and I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

To say that it's always been a smooth road would be an exaggeration.  Both of my pregnancy had their ups and downs, leaving me wondering what I had gotten myself into.  Pregnancy can be really rough on the body and sometimes it can make you wonder if you're really ready for motherhood.

These are just a few of the things I've survived and learned in my own journey:

*Back Pain was my biggest problem in my first pregnancy.  I had injured my back in a sledding accident while we were pastoring a youth group.  Miserable experience.  I became pregnant with my son weeks after that incident.  My back has never been the same.  For awhile I was popping Tylenol every night before my doctor had a fit about it.  I came to rely heavily on my body pillow as it seemed to be what best kept my body in alignment.  Invest in one; you won't regret it.

*Nausea was my nemesis with my second pregnancy.  Back pain became the least of my worries.  Chasing a 2 year old and being sick left me feeling absolutely drained.  I came to rely heavily on morning sickness pops, seasickness bands, and ginger drops.  Lemon ginger tea was also a staple in my diet.

*A quick protein snack in the mornings was a must.  I always munched a couple of saltines and a handful of peanuts immediately after getting out of bed.  The nuts were perfect and I kept a jar in my office at work.  Small nutritious snacks throughout the day kept my energy level up and kept the bottomless pit full.

*Both of my pregnancies I had sugar spikes and would pass out.  Snacking became essential.  So did communication with those around me.  My warning symptoms included: ringing in my ears, light-headedness, nausea, "spacey feelings," people sounding far away, and finally passing out.  I had a friend that I spent a lot of time with in my first pregnancy.  She knew that if I passed out, I was fine, just needed to go home, rest, and have a snack when I came to.

*Rest, rest, rest... I was always grabbing a cat nap when I could.  Sleep was never long enough.  At first I felt guilty for not going out every time someone called me.  Or being available to complete a project every time I was asked.  But sometimes it's ok to say no and take some extra time to rest.  Remember: you are growing a human being.  It does take a lot of work.  Your body is working, even when you're sleeping.

*Finally don't be afraid to approach your doctor for prescription medicine if the nausea becomes too much.  With my second pregnancy, I couldn't handle it any longer.  Nothing kept me healthy.  I always felt sick.  All medications have side effects so you have to judge whether it's worth it to you or not.  I chose the cheaper medication, but was often drowsy.  So I only took it when it was absolutely necessary.  Consult your doctor about your options.

As always, I'm not a doctor.  I'm just a mom sharing for my own experiences.  However, these are the things that worked for me and I hope will work for you too in your own journey.

Tell us... how do you survive early pregnancy?


Rachel said...

I was getting UBER excited when I clicked to read this updated post! I thought you had some special announcement to make!! LOL

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Me too...I was with Rachel and thought their might be another little one coming??


Jessica said...

Chiropractic care has been my lifesaver during and since my last pregnancy - my only regret: that I hadn't known it could help SO MUCH...I would have done it with the first four pregnancies too! :)

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