Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Well, here's those long overdue First Day of School photos.  I stole the idea from those Pottery Barn photos that keep popping up.  I don't have a spare little blackboard laying around so we used what we do have: a drawing board.  Would have worked even better if the Kindergartener hadn't gotten ahold of it and added extra drawing, but such is life.  I really like this idea so we'll see how many years I repeat it or come up with something new.

Noah was very excited that first day.  I think this must have felt like big kid school for him.  

And of course, little sister couldn't have been left out of the photos all together.  She wanted to be right in there as well.

Noah started last Monday and all last week was minimum days for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Seemed funny at first, but it was nice to meet with the teacher right away and get a feel for where she's headed.  Today was the first day that he realized that other kids stay after lunch since Mommy will be picking him up at noon.  He's still excited, but I think the reality of a bigger school set in quickly.  He's yet to let my husband or I leave him on the playground before the bell rings.

(And between you and me,... I'm ok with that.)

So life goes on here.  We had a Back to School party for the Mommies yesterday.  I had planned on taking pictures, but got so wrapped up in conversation that I completely forgot.  It was a lot of fun with about 5 Mommies and 7 Little Ones running around.  It was nice to have a little Mommy time after a very hectic summer.  And nice to talk to other Moms who are getting into the swing of things after sending their Littles to school.

Hope you're all have a great start to the new school year!


Amy said...

Your children are way too cute.

I am working on the whine in my house. We go on our bed when we start and come out when we are done. Or I just walk away. It is so hard and wild. OH well.

I made up a fun tag on my own. I would love for you to join in. Please stop on by..


Kristin said...

Absolutely adorable pictures.

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