Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST (6x12)--Let's Recap

If you haven't watched the LOST episode from 4/13, read no further. I figured it all out.

Everybody loves Hugo-- how true that is!

We find that the sideways Hugo really is successful, in every area of life except love. Looking back on the Island, he still misses Libby. Luckily sideways Hugo runs into Libby at a restaurant where we learn that she remembers him. As her dr says, she has issues with "reality." Hugo doesn't remember her, but persues her nonetheless. When they finally go on a date, she kisses him and he remembers. This reminds me of the conversation about "constants" several seasons back. Desmond had Penny as his "constant". So when the Island was flashing between times, he called her and as his "constant," she kept him sane. Anyone else remember that? Think there could be a connection?

We hear the whispers and Michael appears. I still have the feeling that the whispers are Smokie, but later Michael says it's the voice of those who can't move on. He can't move on because of what he did to Ana Lucia and Libby. He tells Hurly not to blow up the plane. Iliana continues on with the plan and in the ultimate irony is blown up by dynamite. Again, the Island stepping in, Smokie making a mysterious appearance, or circumstances of Life? Might I add that Iliana was talking about how evil Smokie is when she blows up. Sounds suspicious to me.

Smokie tells Sawyer they all have to leave together, just as they came together. Hum...

Richard and Hugo continue to want to blow up the plane after Hugo finds a bag of something in camp. I'm assuming it's ashes that Iliana collected when Jacob died. Any other guesses?

Desmond does a lot of meddling in the sideways scenes. He meets Hurley and tries to tell him "the truth." He encourages Hugo to search for answers.

Smokie takes Desmond to a well and tells him that the people who dug this well were looking for answers. Why did the compass spin? They never found their answers. Smokie states that Widmore is not interested in answers, only power. Then asks why Desmond's not afraid. Desmond asks "what's the point in being afraid?" Smokie pushes him down the well. I guess that was the point. I could have told him that was going to happen.

Ben starts stirring up trouble. If the Island was done with Iliana and she was blown up. What will it do with this group?

Libby's dr. says LIbby has issues with reality...is this why she was in the mental institution before? Is that why Hugo was there before? Is this all circular reality?

Desmond tells Smokie "this Island has it in for all of us" just before Smokie sees the young boy following him and Desmond sees him too. Is the boy a personification of the Island? Did I just say that? I think I need a life.

Hurley says that Jacob says they have to talk alot (to Smokie).. Richard asks..what's the Island? Jacob told Richard ... Richard also discovers that Hurley is lying as "Jacob never tells us what to do"...Everything's over if we don't keep that thing on the Island.. The group fractions again... Richard, Ben, and Miles in one direction... Sun, Frank, Shepard, and Hugo toward Locke... so it looks like the other Losties are playing right into Smokies hand.

We see Michael later in one of the most touch moments of the episode... tell Libby I'm sorry.

Desmond sees Hurley and Libby united on their date. He's watching them from his car making me wonder if he works for Widmore or Smokie in this scene.

Smokie returns to camp...just before the other Losties arrive.. Hugo, Jack, Sun, and Frank. Hugo recognizes that he's not Locke and says we have to talk to you. They call a truce and Smokie gives Hugo his knife.

And the Granddaddy finale of the night:
Locke appears in the closing scene in his wheelchair, working at a school. Ben is there too and sees Desmond sitting in his car. Ben tries to scare him off. Desmond squeals out of the parking lot and hits Locke. Ben rushes to help him. The episode closes with Locke lying on the ground... Wow!

Too many good quotes tonight...

Miles... "some warning would have been nice there, Hugo"

Hugo ..."Dead people are more reliable than live people"

And the ultimate:
"Ever since Julie died--ever since I got her killed--all I wanted was to fix it. But I can't. I can't ever fix it. You have no idea how hard it is for me to sit back and listen to other people tell me what I should do. But I think maybe that's the point. Maybe...maybe I'm supposed to let go." --Jack

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