Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST (6x8)--Let's Recap

Disclaimer: If you haven't watched the LOST episode that aired 3/16, discontinue reading.

*We open to Sawyer and Jin talking. Sawyer doesn't seem to be in a trans like the others, but says he's with Smokie. He gives Jin his word that he won't leave till they find Sun. I gotta think that there's hope for Sawyer yet. After all, he tells Kate that he isn't with anyone.

*We flash side-ways and find that Sawyer is pulling the same cons that he was before. Only this time he's working for the cops. And working with Miles. He uses the code name Lafluer (his Dharma name) to call in back up.

*Smokie tells the OTHERS that the "black smoke" killed those that were at the temple. There are children that he comforts.

*Sawyer and Miles are partners. Sawyer seems to be tracking someone down, but is very vague with Miles. Miles knows he's lying, but Sawyer won't tell him.

*There's conflict brewing between Smokie and Sawyer. Smokie reveals his true identity. Smokie says it's either kill or be killed; he just wants to leave the Island. Smokie asks Sawyer to spy on Jack and the Survivors, but instead Sawyer runs into Widmore's people. Sawyer cuts a deal with Widmore to deliver Smokie, but then tells Smokie, playing both sides against the other. He tells Kate that they are going after the submarine.

*Miles sets Sawyer up with Charlotte. She looks at him and asks for the truth. He says he was at a point of being a criminal or a cop. So he chose cop. Telling the truth gets him the girl. :-) But looking for a shirt, she finds Sawyers file on the man who killed his family. He looses it and kicks her out. Even in this alternate reality, he's still consumed by his need for revenge.

*The Hydra Island turns out to be where Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were held by the OTHERS in season 2. Sawyer finds Kate's shirt and mourns for her. One of the most telling parts of this episode is how Sawyer (both on the Island and off) realizes his behavior is keeping him from real relationships. Off the Island, he reaches out to Miles and on the Island, he's looking after Jin and Kate.

*Kate asks Sayid if he believs "Locke." He stares at her in a trans and says that he does. Claire grabs Kate from behind and tries to kill her. Smokie rescues Kate and tells Claire the truth. He asks Kate if she's alright to which Kate exclaims, "No I'm not alright." I don't think there's a lot of hope for them.

*Charlie's brother shows up at the police station... :-)

*Smokie find Kate in her weakness, crying on the beach. He confesses to having lied to Claire about Aaron. He says Claire needed someone to blame, something to hate. Smokie tells kate that he mother was crazy and now he's working through problems. He relates it to Aaron and Claire. Claire reaches out to Kate, thanking her for taking care of Aaron. I can't help but think Smokie put her up to it. There's been talk on message boards about Lilith, a mythical storm deamon. And the Biblical parallels continue.

*Flash to Sawyer side-ways, ... Little House on the Prairie scene on Sawyer's television.. Laura and father Charles Ingalls are talking. Her father is telling her that people aren't really done when they die. Sawyer ponders that for a moment then goes to Charlotte's house trying to make up. She shuts him down. Tells him he blew it. What a sad existence.

*Sawyer accuses Widmore of killing the passengers, the people on the freighter... interesting that Widmore didn't deny it. So Smokie isn't working with Widmore???

*Side-ways Sawyer shows Miles the file on the man who conned his family. He confesses that he's going to kill him when he finds him. A car slams into their car and they start chasing down the driver: Kate. Sawyer recognizes her as the woman from the airport.

*I personally thought this was a better character storyline than anything else. It was a tell story of isolation and "looking out for one's self." One can only hope that Sawyer will realize this before he finally escapes the Island. And this seems to be the reason for which the Island took him.

*Wow! It looks like next week we're finally going to learn something about Richard. Yeah!!!

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