Sunday, March 28, 2010

Link Love

I love the prints in this Sweet Soire Dinner Party (@ Creative Party Place). So pretty. So elegant.

Beautiful Toddler Ruffle Apron (@ Pretty Cool Life). I'd love to be this talented. Any little girl would be lucky to have this one.

This Scarf Organizer (@ Dollar Store Crafts) is a great entry level project and would definately get me more organized. Cute, frugal gifts as well.

Mojito Chicken Review (@ Family Stamping Food) makes this recipe look incredible. I'm gonna have to surprise my husband with this one.


Heather - said...

Thanks for including my scarf organizer in the roundup! It is definitely handy! I have also used the shower curtain rings to attach baby toys to car seats (like those plastic links they sell, but lockable, and cheaper), or for kiddo bracelets (just for fun). I'm pretty sure there are a LOT more uses for shower curtain rings, too!

Lee said...

I love the idea of attaching baby toy. That would make life in the back seat so much easier. :-)

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