Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOST (6x6)--Let's Recap

Spoiler Alert: if you've not watched the LOST episode from 3/2, stop reading. I have all the answers to the season right here and I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

--So this is what Sayid's life would be like if he'd never crashed. This episode starts off visiting his brother's family. His brother who is married to the Love of his Life (Nadia). Looks like he would have been better off on the Island. Dagon tells Sayid that the balance tipped in the evil direction when they tortured him. This balance of good and evil holds true when Sayid tips to the darkness and kills his brother's blackmailer.

--The fight scene with Dagon and Sayid at the beginning was incredible. Very well scripted and played out.

--Smokie convinces Claire to cross the ash line at the temple as he can't. She turns around and ask, "Are you going to hurt them?" To which Smokie replies, "Only the ones who won't listen." And this holds true in the end when Smokie comes through and kills the OTHERS that don't join him.

--Miles tells Sayid that he was death and something brought him back. So who or what brought him back? And was he really gone? Miles seems to have not heard anything from his ghost.

--Claire appears at the temple tell Dagon, "He wants to see you... You know who." Dagon knows not to leave the temple. Claire says send someone he won't kill and Dagon asks for Jack and Hurley, only to discover they've disappeared. He then turns to Sayid and tells him that Smokie was trapped by Jacob and will not stop till he's destoyed the Island. Dagon does not know he is Locke, but he will come in the form of someone dead. Kill Smokie before he speaks. Dagon appeals to the "good" in Sayid, asking him to kill Smokie. So why was Dagon looking for Jack and Hurley? To protect them? To send them in Sayid's place?

--Sayid tries to kill Smokie, but he's already spoke. Smokie's power is in speaking and manipulating others for his purposes. Here he manipulates Sayid by promising him anything he wants, even if that something is dead (Nadia? Shannon?) Sayid delivers Smokie's message: the OTHERS are free now that Jacob is dead. Some have said that Jacob was trapping them, but seems the OTHERS are leaving because Jacob is no longer there to protect them. They seem scared. Sayid says they will die if they stay. What he doesn't mention is that they will be turned to the dark side if they leave.

--Kate demands to see Claire who is trapped in a pit. Kate confesses to taking Aaron. The evil look in Claire's eyes is chilling. The scales have definately tipped in her. As Kate turns to run, Claire tells her, "I'm not the one who needs to be rescued... he's coming and they can't stop him."

--Sayid tells Miles not to leave yet. Is this because he's trying to keep him there for Smokie to kill him? Ultimately Miles gets connected with Ilana, Frank, Sun, and Ben, when Ilana hides them in the temple.

--Dagon reveals that he killed his son in a DUI accident. Jacob came, saying he would heal his son if he came to the Island. And so the baseball reminded him of his son and he saved Sayid's life. Sayid says he's staying, but then drowns Dagon. Sayid has been recruited by Smokie. By killing Dagon, Sayid has let Smokie into the temple. Those who stayed are no longer safe. So it causes on to wonder: what has really be protecting the temple? Jacob? Ash? Or Dagon? Killing Dagon is the final step in allowing Smokie to end the temple.

--Ben tells Sayid to come with him, there's still time. Sayid turns with an evil look and says, "not for me." Sayid's face says it all: pure evil. Ben disappears, but isn't in hiding with Ilana and the other LOSTIES.

--Sayid surveys the destruction as Kate and Claire come out. It would appear that Kate has been "recruited" as she picks up a gun and follows the other two. They go out to find Locke/Smokie and an army of OTHERS. They follow him in a trans-like state, marching toward who knows what.

--So is there anymore significance to the temple now that Dagon is dead? Is there something mysteriously religious and protective? Or has it lost all it's power?

--Could it be that Jacob and Smokie are simply two sides of the same coin? In season one, Locke is playing Backgammon and says there's a light side and a dark side. But nothing is ever mentioned about good and bad, holy and evil. There's a lot of talk about light and dark this season. However, it generally simply light and dark. Dagon's comment tonight about Smokie being evil incarnate was a rarity.

My favorite quote of the night:
--Kate returns to the temple after meeting Sayid. Miles tells her that Claire is back, acting all weird, "still hot though."

Oh, go out and search the internet for LOST Last Supper Photos. There are two versions. One looks eerily familiar to how the two sides are matching up. Still Ilana and Richard are pictured on the "dark" side.

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tootie said...

Good recap! I'm still waiting for all the "answers" that the Lost previews have been promising, but maybe I need to be patient. :)

Loved that quote about Claire, too!

Amy said...

We had a George party for my little one's 2nd birthday. It was a fun time. Lost was just wild with that mean smoke and people dying. I can't wait to see what happens next..

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