Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christmas in Sept???

Guess what? Christmas is coming. To make Christmas more relaxing, what if we challenged ourselves to get a few things done early this year? And on that note, what if we simplified? Take a look at this:

Throughout the next four months, I'll be posting challenges for you. Sometimes a craft idea, sometimes a recipe, sometimes a challenge to reconsider the way you look at Christmas.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't buy anything for your kids this year. I've been watching the sales all year to find something within our budget that my kids will enjoy. But I am saying, do they really need that 10th present to finish off the pile? I know mine sure don't.

Simplify. Buy one or two things. Make them meaningful. Make them special. The less my kids have, the more they appreciate. Teach your children the value of money. And at the same time, teach them to give.

Remind yourself why you do this each year. Why do you host that open house? Why do you go to that Christmas parade? Why do you make a list and check it twice? Do your kids (or you for that matter) still use those presents you received last year? Can your sister-in-law really use another sweater?

Join us in conspiring this year. Focus on simplifying, planning ahead, and worshiping throughout the holiday season and year round.

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Rhonda said...

Great post! So true. We have always given 3 gifts. Just like they gave to baby Jesus. Thanks for the reminder of why we do that! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

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