Friday, March 7, 2008

Frugal Friday

Just a few tips for stretching your budget:
1. We buy only 7% fat ground beef and it can get expensive.  When I'm making casseroles, I cut the meat nearly in half.  Sloppy joes, shepard's pie, hamburger helper, any casseroles that call for 1 lb of meat, get 1/2 lb. of meat.  Our family doesn't even miss it.
2. We cut juice.  When I mix juice concentrate, I add 4 containers of water, rather than 3 containers.  I cut it further when I serve it to my son.
3. Add beans to your salads.  It adds protein to your meal and cuts back on some of the more expensive, perishable fresh produce.
4. Make a turkey.  We have ours in the freezer from Thanksgiving sales.  Use every last scrap of that turkey.  Make enchiladas, soup, casseroles, etc.  We get tons of meals out of this.


Mom2fur said...

I need to make my family a turkey before it gets too hot, LOL!
I also buy the lower fat ground beef. To me, by the time you throw the 'liquid' away, you might as well pay a little more. I do, however, get 85% lean for hamburgers. Leaner meat is just too dry for them.
I'm not a big bean eater, but I do like chick peas. I should get some for my next salad!

S.B. said...

The cutting the juice with water is a great idea! Plus, it will save you calories.

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