Monday, September 19, 2016

Homemade Dancing Ribbons {Frugal Gift Idea}

I love the preschool years.  They're so full of discovery and excitement.  Every day's a new adventure!

And as part of that adventure, my preschoolers have always loved music.  Learning to move their bodies to the beat and dance around the room has been a favorite activity for getting their wiggles out, often exploring into a case of the giggles.

So we've always had a set of these dance ribbons in our home and when my niece had a birthday, I had to make her a set too.  They're frugal, functional, and so much fun.

 photo IMG_1158_zps82de801d.jpg

Here's what you'll need:
*Set of shower curtain rings (Dollar Tree has several colors)
*Lots of ribbon (Dollar Tree or partial rolls on clearance)
*Hot glue gun

These are so simple; it's ridiculous. 

*Measure your ribbon to your desired length.  I measured from about where my kid held their hands to just above the floor. 

*Now double the length, adding a bit more for your loop.  Cut.  

* Loop your ribbon over the curtain ring.  My ribbon kept wanting to slip.  So I hot glued the loop into place.

* After the glue dries on your ribbon dries, hot glue the opening on the curtain rings as well.  This will keep the ring shut and keep the clasp from pinching little fingers.


 photo IMG_1160_zps9960ebdf.jpg

These have made a great addition to music time and my kids love playing with them.  Plus they're a great gift for any preschooler who loves to dance.  

How do you encourage music and movement in your home?

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