Wednesday, January 21, 2015

15 Chores Your 2-4 Year Old Is Capable of Doing

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My baby boy is growing up and I can hardly believe it.  He's just turned 3 year old and I'm suddenly seeing this real boy emerge.  He goes back and forth in his mind as to whether or not he wants to grow up.  One moment I'm hearing "I'm a big boy. I play baseball."  The next moment I hear, "I'm a baby."  Well, Mama's baby at least.

And while he's my baby, he's more than capable of helping out and doing chores around the house.  So I have to remember what 3 years old realistically looks like.  It looks like "my big boy" and "Mommy's little helper."  As a reminder to myself, and maybe you too, this is the list we're working off to help our Little Man learn his chores around the house.

1. Wiping up spills-- Littles have all kinds of spills.  But the good news is with a small cloth and some elbow grease, they are also capable of cleaning up those spills.

2. Sweeping under the table--Investing in a small sweeper and dustpan will yield a much cleaner dinning room.  :-)

3. Setting the table-- My little guy loves to take silverwear, water bottles, plates, napkins, and more to the dinner table.  It's not perfect, but it is very helpful.

4. Serving drinks-- Right now we're working on taking glasses to the table, but serving drinks from a small pitcher or getting water front the fridge are also useful skills.

5. Making the bed-- Yes, it's a process, but these kiddos work on spreading out their blankets and organize pillows and lovies.

6. Putting away clothing-- I wash and sort, and my Little Man is learning what drawers store what items.  And he loves getting out his jammies at night.

7. Picking up toys-- Really, this is such a basic beginning and my kiddos learn early on, "You make the mess?  You clean it up."

8. Getting dressed-- Watching your little one get dressed is really quite comical.  But it's a life skill to be learned.  And even though they want to "be the baby," these little guys are ready to learn.

9. Spot clean up after a meal-- Just like cleaning up spills, kiddos this age can easily wipe up the dinner table after meals.

10. Load dishes into dishwasher-- We start with the kiddos bringing their plates into the kitchen and eventually we move into scraping plates, rinsing and putting dishes in the dishwasher.

11. Wipe windows-- It's so easy to have Mommy spray a cloth and let the kiddos wipe down the windows.

12. Care for pets-- What kiddo doesn't love having a pet?  Filling water and food bowls, as well as brushing a pet are all chores that can be learned by a 2-4 year old.

13. Wipe down kitchen cabinets--With a small cloth, little ones can wipe down cabinets.  And they're at the ideal height to get those little finger prints.

14. Dust furniture--We love books in our family.  But with that, comes dusty bookshelves.  Small cloth for small hands and you have a dusting buddy.

15. Water plants--My little guy loves to see how things grow.  And with a little supervision, watering is a great way for him to be involved.

What chore is your little one working on?

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