Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hope Rising {Review}

Scott Todd, Vice President of Compassion International, lays out his vision for ending world property, through a three strike mission infiltrating: social means, business, and the church.  Though often thought to be too large a problem, Todd argues that ending extreme poverty is not only possible, but likely within our lifetime.  And we are invited to wage this war with Christ's help.  

Hope Rising is about the common man turning the tide in the fight against poverty by influencing government policy, using consumerism to affect businesses and helping the local church to understand it's own power.  But he also looks at the core of how poverty must first be addressed:

"To be sure, property is a deprivation of basic human needs, but it is also a lie. A lie whispered in the ears of those close to his breath-- 'You can't. Just give up.' And this is the most dehumanizing effect of all. To conquer extreme poverty, we have to dispel that lie with the truth."

And even deeper, the core of why the church has lacked effectiveness to this point:

"Individuals, communities, and whole nations can be trapped by the tyranny of their low expectations of themselves, their futures, and even of God."

Ultimately the take away from the book, for me, was banishing those low expectations.  Knowing that my own expectations have been far from reality.  Where am I at in trusting the Lord to far exceed my expectations?  And how am I inspiring others to the same?

I'll leave you with one last startling thought:

"...if American Christians (not all of them, just the 138 million who attend church at least twice per month) were to tithe (give 10 percent), it would result in two hundred and fifty billion dollars in philanthropy. Over eight times the giving power (of Forbes 400 giving away 50% of their wealth) from the rest of us simply by obeying one of God's biblical principles of generosity."

It's time for Hope to Rise, and it's time for us to turn up our expecters.  What are you expecting from the Lord?

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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