Thursday, November 8, 2012

While You're Waiting: Practice Cooking

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*Recently I was thinking about all I would want my daughters to know before they get married.  Instead of wishing the days away until they walk down the aisle, how would I encourage them to live?  Living in the joy of who God created.  The practicalities and the dreaming.  What would I want to encourage... While they're waiting?  These are some of those thoughts.

It is my goal to have you in the kitchen with me for most of your growing up years.  But as we all know, doing something with Mom looking on isn’t quite the same as doing it on your own.  There’s still a lot of skills to be learned and practiced: time management, organization, and the discipline to cook instead of ordering takeout.  And one day there will be even more pressure at meal time with a husband arriving home from work and children clamoring for your attention.

Your single years are a great time for practice as well as exploration in the kitchen.  While your budget may be limited, your time and creativity are not.  Start with the basics.  Get a few of your favorite recipes from Mom and practice them over and over until you feel confident in sharing them with a few friends.  You may be surprised how much you enjoy cooking for others.

Then try a few hospitality meals.  Are there dishes that you can use to feed a crowd on a budget?  Do you have a few special meals that you reserve for your closest friends?  What about portable meals for blessing others?   Think about the spirit of hospitality.  It’s not about the grandest or the greatest, but rather sharing your best in an attempt to show Jesus’ love to the world.

After you’ve developed a good meal base, now you can start branching out into various areas you’ve always wanted to try.  Do you like Indian food, Thai, Mexican food or Southern hospitality?  Is there a TV chef you’ve wanted to emulate?  Or a local fare you’ve always wanted to make?  You have time to explore.  The world is your plate.  Try something new.  Don’t like it?  Oh, well.  Ordering takeout for one is cheaper than a whole family. 

Enjoy this time you have to practice and discover your cooking style.  There are so many flavors and options to explore; embrace the time you have.

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Transient Drifter said...

Hmmm...I have a feeling your daughter is probably already more confident in the kitchen than I am. Good ideas, but I sure never did any of them :)

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