Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everything {Review}

Everything... What You Give and What You Get to Become like Jesus...


We want everything.  But are we willing to give EVERYTHING?

Demuth's book left me wondering how to write this review.  While there were some wonderful nuggets, I felt like I was just missing something.  Somehow it felt like it missed the mark.  But let's start with the high points:

  1. Everything is very well structured.  Broken into three sections, Mary Demuth takes us from the head (what we think about God), to the heart (how we feel about God), to the hands (how we're going to live out truth).
  2. I love that the hands were included.  After all, faith without works is dead.  It's by living out truth that we own it.
  3. At the same time, how we think about God is equally as important.  If we don't believe that God truly loves us, why would be ever trust that he's going to lead us into truth?
  4. Mary's passion for the Lord is clearly evident in her writing.  Additionally her passion for readers to know God is equally as strong.
  5. The book is challenging.  There were moments that definitely made me stop and question my own faith.  
There were a few things that stumped me however:
  1. Although Demuth says this isn't a book about doing, some of her chapters made me questions otherwise.  There were moments where I had to wonder if she wasn't preaching a works theology.
  2. Demuth gives us glimpses into a very broken past which could certainly have been developed further which would have in turn furthered her message.
  3. Some of the chapters felt repeditive.
Over all, I was pleasantly surprised by the final chapter.  Demuth explores 10 Lessons Learned in Her Journey.  This chapter was so meaty that they could easily be developed into a full book themselves.  Some of the topics she touches on include:

  • The Discipline of Small Obedience over the Long Haul
  • The Discipline of Singing
  • The Discipline of Silence
  • The Discipline of Forgiveness
All in all, Everything is a good place to start.  Some of the details could certainly have been fleshed out, but Demuth's work still stands as a challenge to all Christians in asking, "Are you ready to give Everything?"

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book for review.  All opinions are my own.

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