Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Word Spirit Power {Review}

About a month ago, I was given the chance to review Word Spirit Power by Kendal, Carrin, and Taylor.  Knowing this would be the perfect book for my husband, I asked him to review and share it with you.  These are his thoughts:

This book was written by three men from different theological backgrounds and trainings.  I thought that it was a very ecumenical book finding that their doctrinal out workings were incomplete without the other.  It seems that theological camps often become so rigid that there's no place for conversation or openness to the valid experience of others.  Kendal, Carrin and Taylor made a plain case for the necessity of both a high value for the Scriptures and the supernatural outworking of the Spirit today.  One without the other is incomplete.  Having sat on both sides of the aisle, this is a book I would highly recommend to anyone searching to find balance.

*Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided free of charge by Bethenny House Publishers for review.  All opinions are our own.

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