Friday, August 3, 2012

Disneyland's Tomorrowland: Ride by Ride

Typically, everyone loves Tomorrowland which is home to the super fun, iconic Space Mountain.  But there's so much to explore in this area.  And as always, there's more than meets the eye.  Here's a breakdown of the rides in this area:


Astro Orbiters--This ride is similar to Dumbo, only it's rockets.  The rockets spin around in a circle and the child controls the height.  My only complaint was that the rockets felt like they were tipped to the side and I felt nervous with very small children.  This is a great ride to take the little ones on while someone stakes out the parade route.

Autotopia--Fun easy ride for the whole family, but must be 52 in to ride alone.  Cars drive on a track.  Line splits and left seems longer, but often fills two lines so check before the split.  Drive through a fake town with signs and images resembling a zany existence.

Buzz Lightyear--Fast line, but loud and can be overwhelming for small children.  Not scary, just very LOUD.  Ride through Buzz's adventure and use laser guns to shot targets and defeat Zurg.  Watch for hidden "Z" targets to gain more points.  Look for your photo at the end and email to yourself for free.

Star Tours--Very popular ride, so I suggest getting the Fast Pass.  Avoid if you're prone to motion sickness.  I have not been on the newly restructured ride, but has new beginning, middle, and end sequences that can be re-shuffled into 54 different rides.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage--Board a submarine and ride through the Nemo story. Fun for all ages and the line moves quickly.  But you do ride in a SMALL space.  Also my daughter didn't like the volcano scene.

Space Mtn--Fast Pass available and take advantage of it.  This is a very popular ride and classic Disney.  Fun, fun, fun!  Ride through this classic rollercoaster in the dark with flashing lights.  Again, look for your free photo at the end and email to yourself.

Monorail--Great way to get to and from Downtown Disney/Disneyland Hotel.  For an extra treat, ask to ride in the front if it's not too hot.  Closes for the fireworks.

Disneyland Railroad--Can board here and takes you to Main Street as the next stop.  Dinosaur scene in between.  If you've never rode the Railroad, you must ride around the park at least once during you're trip.  Not a must do, but a special treat if you have the time.

Innoventions--I have never been inside here, but on our last trip we asked about it and were told there was a special robot show several times a day that sounded very interesting.  If you know anything more about it, please share.  I'd love to make the time for this feature next trip.


Captain EO--I'm not a Captain EO fan so I haven't seen it.  It's a 3-D movie with lots of space and seems like a great option for the middle of the day when it's hot and you just need to sit.

Jedi Training Academy--Haven't seen this one either, although I want to make it a priority next trip.  Shows in the Tomorrowland Terrace.  Children are chosen from the sectioned off area to participate in training and fighting Darth Vader.  Seems like a fun time for more outgoing kids.

What's your favorite part of Tomorrowland?

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Patrice said...

I remember taking my little boy to see Captain EO when we took him to Disneyworld for the first time in time flies!

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