Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday Muddle

Hey Everyone,

How was your weekend?  Our week last week was over full!  Definitely OVERFULL!  So as this weekend rolled on, I just couldn't get enough rest.

Last Tuesday, we got a call from Noah's school right as class was about to start.  The good news???  Noah fell off the monkey bars and fractured his wrist.  Yeah!  Not so much.  I feel so bad for the little guy as we're getting ready to roll into summer.  The final verdict?  A splint for one week and a cast for five weeks.  As the mom, I hold my breath every time he gets a little crazy.  I'm already counting down the days till that cast comes off.  Just praying he doesn't break something else while he's healing.  At least, it's five weeks and not eight.

To top it off, last week was filled with T-Ball, volunteering, relationships, etc.  It was a very LOOOONG exhausting week.  But as far as the weekend went, we had our final T-Ball game.  The timing for this wrist issue isn't great for summer, but at least it was near the end of T-Ball season.  So we were at the final two games to support the team and then we had a celebration at the park to end the season.  It was nice for the parents as well to get together one last time, watch the kids playing with their friends, and say thank you to the coach and his wife who put so much work into this past season.

But by the time Sunday rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted.  Noah had a friend that spent Saturday night.  And with getting the kids ready for church, my husband came home and took them for me and left me to get a nice nap.  And when my head hit that pillow, I was gone.  It was a nice surprise after a CRAZY week.

And now we're gearing up for another crazy week.  Casting, kids, family, friends, field trips, volunteering, and just trying to keep my sanity.  So as we roll into this busy week, here's our menu:

Overnight oatmeal
Quinoa Oat porridge
Oatmeal and bananas
Sourdough pancakes

Easy Healthy Lunch List

Monday: Honey Sesame Chicken, rice, mixed veggies
Tuesday: Spaghetti, salad, and hm sourdough
Wednesday: Chipotle Taco Bar, steamed broccoli
Thursday: Turkey and pesto wraps, marinated tomato and cucumber salad
Friday: Homemade veggie pizza
Saturday: Kebabs, raspberry vinegarette salad
Sunday: Baked potato bar, smoothies for dessert

Berry Coconut Popsicles
Rhubarb popsicles

What's going on in your life this week?

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