Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Goals: April Check-In

How are your 2012 Goals going? April was a new month and a few things improved.  A few things stayed the same.  But as long as there's forward progress, I'm happy.  Really, it's been four months and I haven't given up on any of my goals.  Some of them are stagnate, but I still have hope that I'll complete them within the year.  That's why we make goals right?  Not just resolutions.  How are you doing?

These were my 2012 Goals and how I did in April:

*Keep a consistent devotional time, memorizing verses through my discipleship group.--I'm still struggling with this. But the consistency of my discipleship group is helping.

*Memorize 12 verses with the kids.--We've done two so far in the past four months.

*Read 24 books.--I read 4 in Jan, 3 in Feb, 5 in March, and 2 in April.

*Tackle 12 DIY projects.--Had to trash my homemade sourdough twice in April.  Will be doing a "Bake along" in May.

My Marriage:
*Plan a bi-weekly time of being together.--No date night this month. :-(  How you do this with kids?

*Read 2-3 books together.--not yet

*Plan a yearly getaway.--Planning for this summer

My Kids:
*Plan a once a month date with each of the kids.--Did this with both kids!

*Homeschool/supplement preschool for Lydia and 1st/2nd grade for Noah.--Still working with Noah and started pre-reading with Lydia, although with other items

*Read through the Magic Treehouse series with them.--Just picked up book two from the library.  We've listened to about 15 in audio books.

*Go on a field trip once a month.--Took the kids to see the Abraham Lincoln exhibit in Disneyland.

Health and Wellness:

*Convert 4-5 items on our grocery list to organic, as budget allows.--Started buying organic apples and carrots in April.  Hasn't rocked the budget too much.  Still comparing prices and will probably be on the lookout for lettuce this month.

*Develop a gym routine of 4-5 days a week.--Going twice a week so far. Love my Turbokick class.  Looking to add the Shrinking Jeans challenge this month.

*Eat more seafood.--Bi-monthly so far

*Learn to make an incredible loaf of sourdough.--Revisiting this in May.

*Plan posts one month in advance and write posts one week in advance.--Planning is good, but writing is hard right now. Usually about 4-5 days ahead.

*Spend 2 hrs a week writing on something other than the blog.--Am I ever going to get this done?

*Budget my blogging time more appropriately. Do less work when the kids are around.--Doing much better.

Link up below and just let us know how you're doing. Let's work toward real change in 2012!

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