Sunday, December 25, 2011

Play it again, Mama: Tomato Soup Bar

Fall has become my favorite time of year.  Not only are the leaves changing, but the weather is perfect for afternoon walks and outdoor fires.  There's something sweetly nostalgic about this time of year where the world slows down, families gather over popcorn and puzzles, and the earth prepares to rest.  

With the blustery weather, our meals change too.  Back in August, I was trying to prepare an exhaustive list of my family's favorite meals.  My husband and I put our heads together, but no matter how hard we tried, our thoughts kept turning to warm soups and stews. And this is one of our favorite's: Pioneer Woman's Sherried Tomato Soup.  It's quick, rich, and a thousand times better than Campbell's.  Think you don't like Tomato Soup?  Think again!  You'll love it!

Last fall while my husband was working nights, the kids and I started a new tradition for Tomato Soup night.  We made a Tomato Soup Bar.  What's that?  You start by whipping up a batch of your favorite tomato soup.  And then you serve with it a full array of tasty toppings.  Pictured here, we have cheddar cheese and crispy goldfish crackers.  Some other favorites have included fresh Parmesan, soda crackers, and scallions.  Other ideas would be:

Jalapeno peppers (I'm dying to try this one)
sour cream
fresh basil
crunchy onions
roasted garlic
toasted biscotti

I hope you'll enjoy this quick, fun dinner as much as we do.  Happy Soup Season!

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