Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Play it again, Mama: Savoring your Marriage

I love my husband.  This past summer we celebrated our 10th anniversary and I'm continually amazed by how quickly the time has flown.  And how much patience he's shown in that time.  My prayer truly is that I would love him as much as he loves me and find new ways to Savor our marriage every day.  That's why we took the 52 First Dates challenge last year.

In the spirit of Savoring Your Marriage, here's a few simple ideas you can do today:

*Pray for your husband.  The Lord can help him in ways you never could.
(I'm hoping to put together a post on this in the future).

*Call him in the middle of the day just because.

*Leave him a note in the car to find on the way to work.

*Greet him with a kiss when he comes home.

*Hold hands.

*Dress for him.  Even if that just means throwing on some jeans instead of those baggy sweatpants.

*Prioritize your time with him.  Don't leave him with the scraps at the end of the day.

*Be a good listener.

*Praise him in public.

*Think of him when planning your schedule, menus, etc.

*Appreciate and verbally thank him for all he does for your family.

*Be his biggest cheerleader.  Even when you don't agree, cheer on his dreams.

How are you Savoring Your Marriage today?

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SoCal Tess said...

I love your blog! New follower from BloggyMoms (CA group) and I look fwd to your future posts :)

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