Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Resources

Big Boy exhausted after a day of hunting eggs and eating with family--Easter 2008

This has been a crazy past couple of weeks, and sadly, I've haven't been as focused as I'd like to be on the upcoming holiday. Easter is a time of festivity and joy. But it can so quickly become lost in the trappings of a commercialized American holiday. Or in my case, thoughts of a complicated economy. As I struggle to refocus myself and my kids on the meaning of the day, I also struggle with that to tell my 3 year old. That his Jesus that he loves was nailed to a cross, but arose after three days. It's a fantastical tale. One I believe, but even looking through his eyes, I wonder how to explain the hatred that would have motivated such unbelievable actions. Or the love that allowed them to happen.

If you're struggling with how to explain the depth of this cherished day, I'd like to include some resources that have been brought to my attention, in hopes that they will be of help to you as well. Enjoy!

Resurrection Cookies--I just found these today. I'm thinking of doing them with the kids tomorrow.

Resurrection Eggs--Although mine still seem too little for this, I may not be giving them enough credit. This would be fun to try to do next year and do it for several days leading up to Easter.

Two Dozen Easter Traditions--Check out these Easter traditions and consider incorporating a few into your family.

Family Bible Readings for Holy Week and More Holy Week Resources

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Lizzle said...

Hi Lee! I just started reading your blog this morning (clicked on a link from Crockpot Lady!) We're both followers of Christ! :) I love the idea of the resurrection cookies! What a great idea, I wish we had kids but we're waiting on the Lord. I'm definitely going to be saving this recipe for when we do have children. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful week!

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