Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Asking for Help Works for Me

Asking for Help
Who likes to ask for help?  I know I certainly don't most of the time, but there are certain times in life when you just have to.  This is one of those times in my life.

We are in the middle of moving across town to a new place.  It's been three years and two kids since we moved and boy have we accumulated a lot of stuff.  Alot of stuff.  Besides that, moving with a crawling 8 month old and a very curious 2 year old is not easy.  My days consist of hearing Big Boy ask "What's that?" and "Can I help?" while I'm telling Baby Girl "No, stay out of that."

So tonight we had a huge help from our small group.  As we were pulling the last of our stuff from the apartment, our small group came over to help us clean.  We finished up in no time.  A friend of ours kept and fed the kids while we were there and about 8 people showed up to help us clean.  

As I was leaving to nurse the baby, there were a couple of ladies in the kitchen just finishing up.  All that's left there is Big Boy's lifejacket and Baby Girl's floatie as we plan to finish off the week with some swimming.  It should be nice.

What a blessing it was to us to have so much help.  They were more than willing to help us out once they knew what we needed.  And to think that we almost didn't ask.

So that's what Works for Me.  What's working in your house?

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