Sunday, August 17, 2008

Menu Monday 8/18-8/24

We'll be visiting my mom for most of this week so we won't be eating most of this. I'm so excited to have time to spend at my mom's, let the kids run around, and pick and can blackberries. I'm really looking forward to it. But here's an idea of what we typically eat in a week:

Gingerbread waffles
Cereal and milk
Granola and yogurt
Cinnamon Rolls

Egg salad sandwiches
Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches
Cheese and crackers
Fruit jello

Granola bars
Cheese and crackers
Graham crackers and peanut butter

Lentil Tacos (on the menu once a week)

Home group potluck: Taco Ring


Aztec Chicken
(similar to this with cream cheese)



Taco Salad

I just wanted to highlight these Crockpot Gyros. These were a great meal and one that we will repeat often. I made a few adjustments to the recipe to suit our families taste. We used only ground turkey. I'm not a lamb fan so it was strickly turkey for us. I also added an Indian spice mix to the meat and the sauce. It just added an extra layer of taste. Also I did not have mint for my sauce. I did however add extra garlic, but that was a mistake. The extra garlic in the meat was ok, but in the sauce, it became too hot.
Although I love the recipes from this site, I often add extra garlic and other spices. We like our food spicy, so I'm always looking for that extra layer of flavor. But all around, it's a great site to grab recipes from.

To see what others are cooking up, check out Organizing Junkie.

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