Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teaching Tuesday--B is for Bugs

Our letter this week is "B."    So again, I'm posting a giant "Bb" on our refrigerator next to the "Aa" from a few weeks ago.
Some topics that we will be exploring in our home this week include: bugs, butterflies, birds, bees, beach, bake, bears, blue, balloons, bubbles, buttons, basketball, blueberries, books, boxes, etc.  We will be serving blueberries with our meals this week.  We're also blowing bubbles in our times outside and talking about bugs in our library books.
Besides coloring a "B", I've set aside some dried beans for Noah to glue on another coloring page.  There's another "B" word: beans.
Other activities that I have planned for this week include: gluing "B"s from magazines onto a "B" page and gluing strips onto bee cutouts.
Again, I'm using coloring pages from www.preschoolcoloringbook.com.  the point of many of these exercises is letter recognition.  So we are presenting the letter as many times as we can throughout the week.

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